About The Director

Sammi Sparke of Sammi Sparke Photography - info@sammisparke.com


I come from a varied professional background which has included stints in International Freight Forwarding and the domestic pump industry. When my daughter was small I waitressed to help make ends meet. Every job I have ever done has been customer service based though, which makes running Ridgmont Classics my greatest pleasure.

We are all sick to death of call centres, hearing automated messages which encourage us to select a certain number on our telephone keypad, then hanging on forever before getting cut off. As far as I am concerned every customer is an individual, and I never exercise a “one size fits all” policy – each wedding is different and every wedding is super-special!

I have added this page to my website so that you, either as a browser or potential client, can see the person you will be dealing with throughout the process – apart from my business partner and husband Stuart, who creates our initial quotation, it will be me, Jenny, who will be guiding and helping you once your booking is secure, right up to your wedding day.

By the way, the little dog in the photo is not a prop, she is mine, and her name is Boodicca Buggerlugs. Her half brother Brian Wilson “Little House” Master Tailforth Truebeard the First of Cardington (mongrel of this parish) is not pictured at the moment. Watch this space!